by Daybreak

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released January 12, 2011

Recorded & Mixed by Matt Bodiam at The Arthouse, June/July 2010
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music
All music and lyrics by Daybreak except "Spain", music originally by Another Way
Artwork by



all rights reserved


Daybreak Melbourne, Australia

We play fast, simple, melodic punk rock.

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Track Name: Stockade
So if you could label them all the same you would just like the stockade that took no guilty man but you burnt too many bridges and the tide has run out now we’re searching in the marshes where no hope can be found so burn it down to the ground nail it closed put the coffin in the ground from the burnt remains a phoenix will rise like Lalor and his men there will be no compromise in difference to the past it should cost no one their lives for hope should be allowed to rise
Track Name: Skin Deep
They can’t throw you away because what you have inside is what they can’t take away and you’ll never change for your face may not be the same but it still shows how special you are she asked why it happened to her and how can people be so cruel cause the scars will never leave her and the memories will never fade she’s like a night without a day cause inner beauty is not skin deep can’t strip the beauty of your heart because you’re more than the image people choose to see
Track Name: Kings
Mistakes are counted like cards too many and they’ll come crashing down words don’t really mean that much for they are the bricks and mortar to build a house of cards to house ideas and create disbelief and scorn so many that believe tame the lions and modify their speech a practice plagued a veil never released starve the lions wont let them feed cause this town won’t wait for kings
Track Name: Vice
Its not that you haven’t done it before so draw a breath and start again for harder things have been conquered and left in your wake it’s not even as though the guilt of pleasure is the asp that awaits this urge cause if it were it might be more understandable but you’ve said it before and you’ll say it again I’ll keep on trying until the end so when I’m biting down on my heartfelt words just take a breath and start again for tomorrow will bring another chance to begin
Track Name: Cobbled Streets
There was a song you sang and it drew me in like a moth to a flame so you took advantage of the fact that I was looking for the love of my life but she was hidden beneath the gentrified and cobbled streets just so cold desperate and lonely despite all the times I crossed that bridge it never led me to you we started so well with our emotions on fire your embrace was so warming then so how could this have ever end well she’d call me everyday a ten and left subtle reminders of what I had undone absence makes the heart grow fonder so lady London I’ll leave you now so the warm embraces became as cold as the Newquay coast for now I want it back what I could not I could not have and so the poets say absence makes the heart grow fonder so lady London I will leave you now for lady London your furnace will burn out
Track Name: Spain
You brought us all together and now it feels as though all you can do is tear us all apart but you won’t stop at one and you won’t stop at three when we’re entirely wiped out is when you might get that feeling of glee she cried herself to sleep that night whilst I just sat and starred at the corners where you were it would seem instructing me instructing me deconstructing me but when we met and when we spoke so much fun you were and sweet you hid in the corners when we last spoke in Spain you bring out the worst in me you’re not a friend I should see
Track Name: No Museum
He made a reference to his prints and drawings and the acquisition of the Elgin Marbles and questioned whether they meant anything at all stupid he must be if such summations were accurate however Sloane would never know that for some the no museum policy was based on the ethics of leisure and constraint of time like Pavlov’s dog hey Sloane no museum
Track Name: Scythe
Cause I don’t want to hear you say those words again cause they cut at me like a reaper’s scythe cause if I don’t think of the day then it will stay further away from where I wanted to be which is with you and some days seem so long and some years are so short but the answer to some of these questions won’t be revealed to us so long some days so short some years I’m just glad that you’re here the streets are littered with broken dreams set to dry suffer and decay until the rain is sent to drain them in our veins
Track Name: All Roads Lead To…
Just try to let them out another day to figure out a different type of wall to walk and pray this subjects always on the mend it gets so hard to comprehend the lasting concepts that will bend these roads are dead end lanes bombed out with checkpoint gates these roads are dead end lanes could there be future in the end it’s the same old road that we talk about the one that seems like a roundabout but in the end lives will defend so if we stop and think about the great divide that was made up could it be the future that we mend
Track Name: Simple Life
I remember the days back when I studied hard and nothing to spend a simple life well spent with friends a beer on weekends and surfing trips now I’m thinking thinking ahead of the future and what lies ahead the same old stuff a wife and kids a car a mortgage and a few quid live drink and be married for tomorrow we shall die everything is going to pan out fine we’re living our lives and having the time of our life