Question Everything

by Daybreak

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Recorded & mixed by Joel Taylor at Three Phase & 343 High St from Jul 2013 to Oct 2014. Mastered by Alan Douches at WWSM. Backing vocals by Ashby, Wilson, The A-team & The B-team. Guest vocals by Brenton Perry. Band photo by Sean McDonald. Artwork by Chris Bloom


released August 3, 2015

All music & lyrics by Daybreak.

Bloom - Guitar
Kennedy - Bass
Ashby - Drums
Thomas-Gill - Vocals
Grimes - Guitar



all rights reserved


Daybreak Melbourne, Australia

We play fast, simple, melodic punk rock.

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Track Name: Solitary
Can’t hope a solitary act could let us start again. My youth taught me there’s nothing to be learnt. This world is older than us. Give me something to remember. Now it’s sold, and they couldn’t help when they found you here. Give me something good to die for. Another way, no they couldn’t help when they found you here. Father told me not to hope and live my life in fear. But now that sinking hell came back around. And mother said that something told me not to trust my life with him. Would that be something to believe? Not a solitary act, or your words. Just remember you’re the one who holds the rope. And if I promise to be you, I’ll find myself involuntary. I’m finally sinking, fighting to hold. This time around.
Track Name: Brightest Light
We swore we’d get it done. So turn the page, keep moving on. Speed it up and dumb it down. We’re edging out towards it. Another day, another deal. And I know we’re just real as just is. How could I say? How could I say enough? When there’s just shadows left of our friends, you know we can join them too. Times taking everything. The brightest light is fading fast when the stains aren’t coming out. I can’t help stop the thinking these weary eyes aren’t holding yours. And you can’t forgive, the last time I let it in. And if I was to say enough, would it be there? How could I say enough?
Track Name: Tidal Wave
There’s hope, every moment changing them from inside a tidal wave. Guess I’ll see you at the worlds, just outside rivalry. Now try and forget the dead, and how’d you go trying to fight someone else? Just follow where you are lead, and next time they will set their sights on you. Won’t let them take what’s owed from me.The sense to stay awake. Don’t let them take from you. The sense to rise against. Won’t let them take what’s owed from me. The sense to stay awake. Don’t let them take from you. We don’t see out of view. We don’t see you. If I stand by what I said, don’t let them chose me. Paint target on my chest, don’t let them chose me.
Track Name: Nation of the Southern Mess
We’ll say, we can work it out. Let them pay the cost. There’s no love lost and now they’re waiting for your answers. The useless cavity pressed between your teeth with racist tongues. Know exactly what’s at stake when they’re not welcome. You’re hesitating, a nation of the southern mess and ocean graves. We’re not the only ones. That’s it, never give it thought when we can play it off as extremist left wing shit. No need we are the chosen ones. We’ll stoke the fire to get it done. There’s blood running through the waves of our off shore barricade. A generation lost at sea while we debate the answers. Lost in apologies. Last chance when you’re fight to be clear, what seems like common sense and empathy. We’re all part of the same cruel fate. When the captain is asleep and the wheel is driven by your money and greed. Last chance when you’re trying to be honest with yourself.
Track Name: Empires
When social currency is the friendships that you keep, I guess I’m as rich as I could ever be. We draw our cues from mistakes we’ve been shown. The strongest undertow you’ve ever known. One reason, ten thousand days. No excuse for the progress we have made. One difference, ten thousand strong. One man can keep the fires burning on. I see the empires you been building tall. From strength to strength, you know you’ve proved them wrong. One thousand mistakes, and none of them could keep you from becoming the strength that I see.
Track Name: Battered & Broken
Just lay there battered and broken. Let it take control. Nothing here for taking they don’t already own. Can’t stop living at arms length. There’s still life in us, are you ok? Don’t put those fires out when the sun’s still rising for you. I can’t say I’ve been thinking too much when there’s so much fire you have to let go. If there’s still hope for them, then brother there’s hope for us too. Can’t put those fires out when the sun’s still rising for. I can’t say I’ve been thinking too much when there’s so much fire you have to let go.
Track Name: One in a Thousand
Said all we have are these beliefs and truths but can we question how free are our thoughts? Kin and institution played a part shaping us. We grow from our mistakes or we never understand what we’ve all got. Learn silence from the talkative. Tolerance from the intolerant. Kindness from the unkind and more from you. Maybe we learn to stand opposed doesn’t mean we have to be hate-filled and spiteful. Maybe we learn to speak our minds with words of truth and heartfelt compassion. To far to the left can end up far right. Culture and tradition don’t excuse us for intolerance, prejudice or for ridicule. One in a thousand fighting for those rising tall. Don’t tow the line. Question everything you can. We trip and fall. Dust yourself off and stand tall.
Track Name: Lost Souls
I gravitate to what speaks to me; free thought, kind hearts and music to my ears. But still it seems things you can’t escape; boys clubs and adolescent ideals. No one needs their rules and judgments. Outcasts, loners and to all the lost souls stay true to yourself. Even those words of incite you recite blindly, it seems. I’m still surprised you continue to keep on thinkin what others say. In one ear and out the other. Just look around, it’s about time to self reflect. As for lost souls, outcasts and loners stay true to yourself again and again. There’s hope for us.
Track Name: Nelson St.
Stand by the walls here. Walls, that will lead us to nowhere. Stand by the walls here. May they hold up when I don’t. The deceptive and the lost, that end up taking you. Where I spent my time fucking up everyday. Now that Nelson’s just a memory how could we change a thing. In the bricks we learnt to love. Not a turn and key, that made our home or made us leave. I’m finding out the past is better off dead. Never thinking of what at stake when you’re fighting not to leave. Still miss that place, everyday. Stand by the walls here. Sent by the wolves.
Track Name: Sink
Well as the story ends a moment to be hurt. Now they’re sucking up to me. The sinking feeling I just lost you. Now’s the clarity, another
opportunity. I find you praising matriarchs and I’m just hoping not to rush this. Sink down, but not too far. Don’t drag your body through the waves. Next time you’re hiding till now. Next time you’re running I think you lost me. Next time I’m yelling too loud. And I was hoping you were never to return. And I was saying there was nothing left to hold. Another sappy end. Another sinking you. How could I say when there was nothing left to believe? When I was at the end. Another last resort. When I meant something. Another sinking arsehole. Another stepping stone.
Track Name: Rise & Fall
There’s battles left to fight. The sun won’t ever shed it’s light. When you hide it all. Last time you were stuck repeating stories. Last time when you’re fighting but what for? That sound. That’s all I need. The Rise and Fall. Intent but you’ve never taken notice. Intent but you failed to take control. Bottle’s emptied every night. Can’t stop when all you’ve ever known inside. Curling fork tongues, Spitting out self-indulgent bullshit. Well there’s a chance you’ll be fine again. I know you swear you’ll never take it. With no lines left to say. You heart so full of hate. You’ve out grown them and swear you’ll never no you’re never coming back.
Track Name: White Stripes
Last chance as we fight again. Last chance and you’ll think of something quick again. Of course you fucking care. Bring out your corpses. This time as we fight again. The lies aren’t worth cash they spent. Again. Your single point. Your argument. We’ve got no choice. You’re just like me. Bring out your corpses. Bring out your dead. Can’t say we’ll never fight again. So think of something, or I’ll think of something quick. Can’t rest incomplacency. With shifting truth from your faux democracy. Fake this like you don’t have a choice. And just sit this one out and you’ll see how much will change. And now I’m never backing down. So forge another sound.